Digital Data Transformation (DATALINK)

DATALINK Total Solution of Data Interfaces and Reporting

DATALINK is a Real-Time Data Services for Management Information System and Situation Awareness Application is an integration platform for real-time systems. Based on a server less software bus, it allows real-time applications to communicate with each other and with enterprise and legacy applications. It have features a unique combination of high performance and broad standards support. It gives integrators of demanding applications an alternative to custom integration that is off-the-shelf and supports an open architecture

DATALINK builds on Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS) standard. It extends DDS with support for other integration standards, advanced transformation and routing capabilities, and a comprehensive set of tools and run-time services. This accelerates the integration of DDS applications with non-DDS applications and into Systems of Systems.

DATALINK Highlights Features

  • Fast and Flexible Real-Time Application Integration
  • Optimized for Real-Time and Embedded Systems
  • Integrate with 2D & 3D map
  • Data Integration & Data Analytics
  • Highly-customizable graphic visualizations including interactive charts, table, trend, gauges, maps, scorecards and more customization options
  • Map Control & Data Grid Control
  • With the display on mobile, the smart phone, tablet or mobile devices are supported