Global Emergency Management

Right information, right people, right time

For Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and Emergency Response Organizations (EROs), ensuring a timely reaction while providing an efficient response is critical to save lives. Central and local governments are faced with three major emergency response challenges:
  • Agility: Ensure fast intervention using new technology (such as IoT, social media, and face recognition) and reduce costs.
  • Coordination: Enhance interoperability between multiple public safety organizations, and have a common operational picture.
  • information: Process and share information in real time, securely manage a large amount of actionable data, and filter noise.
The GEMMA emergency management system helps improve cooperation between command and control centers and field personnel. It covers the entire emergency management lifecycle, from call handling and dispatching to first-responder intervention and event escalation.

GEMMA is a full web-based product built with cutting-edge technology, it extensively uses international standards and open source components. The flexible pricing model is based on licensing.

GEMMA features

  • Call handling
  • CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch)
  • Resources and assets management
  • API
  • GIS
  • Field communications
  • Analytics
  • Crisis management
  • GaaS (GEMMA as a Service)