Next generation of Geographic Information System (GIS) requires a new way of spatial data modelling. We call the next generation of GIS 3D GIS. In GIS world 3D means that has X, Y and Z coordinates. Z coordinate is used to draw height. 3D map helps better understanding of the object, in GIS 3D map might be TIN image, Digital Elevation Model or any GIS layer with elevation values. To plot these GIS layer with Z value or TIN image or DEM data you need a special kind of GIS software and effective for help you create and visualize your 3D data.

Figure 1: 3D GIS technology

Who needs 3D GIS ?

As in the popular 2D GIS for 2D spatial data, 3D GIS is for managing 3D spatial data. This is example present some of the three dimensional application areas in GIS, including :

  • Ecological studies
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Geological analysis
  • Civil engineering
  • Mining exploration
  • Oceanography
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Architecture
  • Automatic vehicle navigation
  • Archaeology
  • 3D urban mapping
  • Landscape planning
  • Defence and intelligence
  • Command and control
Figure 2: 3D GIS automatic generation model - Conception diagram

Real-time GIS

Real-time GIS Solutions can track dynamic assets that are constantly changing location such as vehicles, aircraft, and vessels or stationary assets such as weather and environmental monitoring sensors. In addition, it provides real-time situational awareness for coordinated field activities. Monitor your most valuable assets on a map in real-time for better decision making at any moment by Pims's Real-time GIS Solutions. A real-time GIS (Geographic Information System) data model and a Sensor Web service platform to realize environmental data management under the Geospatial Service Web framework are proposed in this study. The real-time GIS data model manages real-time data. The Sensor Web service platform is applied to support the realization of the real-time GIS data model based on the Sensor Web technologies.

Figure 3: Real-time GIS data model - Conception diagram

Pims have experience of 3D GIS & Real-time GIS. We have a team of experts who can help you. We can design and put the right system for your work. (System analysis, System Integration , Software Development , etc.)

Figure 4: Pims's GIS Solutions

Solutions Features

  • Runs on all platforms (with or without GPU, server, desktop,tablet, embedded, high-end or low-end) that support Java, including Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Compatible with any HTML5-capable browser including mobile browsers, no plug-ins to be installed.
  • Build a standards-based, interoperable web-based solution that handles 2D and 3D.
  • High performance web solution that exploits the graphics hardware as optimally as possible for 2D and 3D, while also working in software mode.
  • Monitor most valuable assets on a map in real-time for better decision.
  • Designed to optimize the customizability and interoperability of your applications. Offers one single API for 2D and 3D visualization. The product allows you to meet 100% of your project requirements.
  • Unprecedented user experience with hundreds of thousands of track updates per second, on-the-fly LOS calculations, real-time data access and without pre-processing.
  • Ensures precision on world scale for visualization,transformation and calculation of any data.
  • Makes for efficient and sustainable applications by enabling rapid development, customization, ensuring source code and backward binary compatibility, and eliminating the need for data pre-processing.
  • Connect to several OGC web services, and read data in several OGC formats.
  • Query, Identification, Selection, Picking your data on map.
  • Ability to access by everyone and everywhere over the internet.
  • Reducing time and minimizing effort to reach data.
  • Centralized database that provides a single source of common information providing standardization, and faster retrieval and selective modification of information.
  • Ability to produce reports based on user specified parameters.
  • Reducing monitoring costs.