Smart Networks Expert

Smart Networks Distribution

  • Advanced network functions extended to various situations (self-healing)
  • Operational planning system for optimizing works programs and network operations
  • Predictive maintenance systems deployed on all new HV/MV primary substations and targeted existing substations
  • Telecommunication solutions for substations and communicating equipment integrating cybersecurity requirements
  • Smart MV/LV substations deployed on critical nodes of the network
  • New grid connection solutions available for MV Producers, depending on the local configuration
  • Use of drones for MV overhead power lines diagnosis and maintenance
  • LV monitoring and fault management functions deployed in areas equipped with Smart Meters
  • Integration of data from Smart Meters for quality of supply monitoring
  • LV cartography improved as Smart Meters are being deployed
  • Field technicians equipped with 3.0 tools (immersive reality, virtual reality ...)
  • Tools for energy planning studies
  • Tool for studying grid connections feasibility
  • Flexibilities integrated into network studies tools