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Commercial Dispatching Gas Shipper

In today's turbulent and increasingly complex energy markets, PIMS & Atos Worldgrid can give your business a clear competitive advantage. Your customers are already taking full advantage of liberalization, so what about you?

Across the energy value chain

What is the Actual Purpose of Commercial Dispatching Gas Shipper Solution?

The solution generates and holds information associated with all those necessary operations to assure an efficient natural gas supply to the consumption. In addition, is capable of exchanging information with other departments or systems (Meters, Demand Forecast, Accounting system) inside the company or outside with other subjects (Suppliers, Transporters or Asset Owners and other Marketers).

Bring value thanks to communication between generation, transmission, distribution, supply and demand

BMap Process Overview from Back, Middle and Back Office Perspective

Map Process Overview across the Gas Value Chain

Modules Overview


  • Use of the standards.
  • Use of the J2EE platform as support of the components architecture that will make the main part of the system.
  • Architectural standard followed by the system is the standard Model-View-Controller (MVC).
  • Access control
  • Control and safety of the application, guaranteeing its sure and reliable access as well as avoiding not allowed accesses.
  • Standards and tools have been used provided by J2EE for the safety, as well as validations against the Database.
  • Presentation
  • Communication channel between the system and users.
  • Independence with regard to calculations, consultations, operations and all these proper of the Business layer and Data Access.
  • Business
  • It receives requests from the Presentation layer and constructs the set of results to make them to come to the above mentioned layer.
  • Design standards as Frontage (high, low and modifications on the BACKEND) and Views (consultations on the BACKEND) to construct more structurally the operations towards the access to information (BACKEND).
  • Common to all modules that integrate the system
    • ▶ Username/Password, certificates and HTTPS connection capability
    • ▶ Every transaction is registered with the user and timestamp
    • ▶ There are registered the sessions initiated by the different application users.
    • ▶ There is also registered in a Log file all the different events occurred during the execution of the different processes, both from calculation and from data loading and from data generation.

Generating new value in energy industry changes

Deregulation process in the Gas Sector opens a wide range of opportunities and benefits as also increases the efficiency of the whole sector deriving in improvements of guarantee of supply and reduction of commodity cost for final customers. Gas Value Chain Players are to adopt adequate worldclass solutions and tools in order to succeed in a Changing and Challenging Environment in order to cope with competition and meeting final customers'demand. Key factors to succeed in deregulated markets rely on the Shippers' capability to Optimize Gas Procurement Contracts, Adjust Gas Transmission and Storage Capacity Booking and improve the final Customer Management.

Commercial Dispatch Gas Shipper (CDGS): TPA Shipper Logistic Solution

The CDGS Integrated Solution

The CDGS Integrated Solution provides Shippers with an entire toolset covering end-to-end gas value chain's business processes. These imply interaction with other Shippers, Transporters, Wholesale and Retail Markets (both in power and gas) as well as Regulators/Authorities.

Optimizing Capacity Booking and Nominations derive in a competitive driver that minimize the cost of delivering gas through the transmission system and eventual storage requirements as avoidance of penalties and imbalances. Wholesale Markets in mature sectors implies different type of Gas Procurement Contracts and sources that must be managed as a whole.

The most appropriate, fully integrated system

End-To-End Commercial Dispatch Gas Solution for Shippers

Fully Integrable & Open Web Based Architecture

Modularity and Flexibility

Modularity and flexibility are key features of the CDGS Solution aiming to meet regulatory changes with minor adaptations and endowing implementations with total adaptability to aspects as:

  • Degree of Market Maturity: It is adaptable to just liberalized sectors and to fully deregulated gas markets
  • Regulatory transitional provisions: In the path to the opening of gas sectors with consequent unbundling of activities and new players transitional provisions are normally in force temporally
  • Gas Multisource treatment and management: The source of gas might come from different basins or regions worldwide and chemical composition and gas quality is consequently accounted
  • Power Gas Demand Specific Functionalities: Gas demand for power generation has specific features others than industrial customers

Fully Integrable & Open Web Based Architecture

The Architecture of the System is based in Java and Oracle making the CDGS the ideal solution to be integrated in existing organizations' systems. Successful experiences have been implemented with existing SAP, Metering and SCADA systems, minimizing the impact of the deployment of the system and leaving the Shippers the election to adapt their physical HW Architecture according to their needs along the time as long as needs as number of users, transactions and BI and Big Data Strategies evolve.

Web based architecture also endow the CDGS with an extremely high flexibility for the users of the system since no client specific needs are requested to access and interoperate with the core functionalities beyond regular web browsers what avoids disruptions of Client specific needs.

We Provide World Class Energy Commercial Solutions, We Are System Integrators and We Know our Customers' Needs in Advance since We are Experts in Energy Markets With a Long Track Record in Deregulating Processes